E-Ventual is a Dutch based provider and promoter of European summits, strategic conferences, B2B congresses and corporate hospitality in the fields of E-Commerce and Online Marketing. E-Ventual maintains the highest standards of quality and service in research, technology and product development. Our commitment to service and quality are the basis for a quality provider of business intelligence. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals by providing world class business intelligence services and information to assist in their strategic and effective decision-making.

E-Ventual provides many products that will assist an organization in developing its strategies and enable growth. All of our existing clients are continually looking to improve their business performance, which provides us with the opportunity to work with our clients to develop and improve upon every area of their business processes. E-ventual develops major sector-focused events, providing business and networking opportunities across a variety of industries and professions in e-commerce. We aim to meet all of your strategic business information requirements through the delivery of premium products and services by way of a variety of media.


At E-Ventual Summits you will get updated on the latest developments with the leading e-commerce providers, be able to assess the technology most relevant to the Travel, Fashion, Retail or Finance industry and be provided with access to companies using cutting edge practical technology. One reason so many of our attendees return each year is that they want to stay ahead of the curve in a fast moving market with the most up-to-date information from a pre-screened field of presenters that offer unparalleled expertise.